Gameprojects made by 1st and 2nd year students on May 2020.

Wizard Woolly's Wonderful Race by TEAM Wizard Monk:

  • Satu Niemi Coder + Lead, Lumi Ritari Artist, Vera Lehtonen Artist, Neo Alsén Artist, Josef Solonen Coder

Prodigium by TEAM 60's Horror Movie Monster Dating:

  • Elias Ahlgrén Coder + Lead, Mila Kuussaari Artist, Andrei Zuravljov Artist, Nea Kaikkonen Artist

Erudite by TEAM Text, Contrast, Surface:

  • William Rueter Coder + Lead, Gaston Labarrere Artist, Andrew Duque Artist, Susanna Nieminen Artist, Ivo Mägiste Coder

008: Agent Peanut by TEAM BABYELEPHANT:

  • Jenny Lehto Artist + Lead, Lassi Jylhäkangas Coder, Miro Mäkelä SFX, Onni Forsell Artist + Level Designer, Robert Santala Designer

It Grows by TEAM IT GROWS:

  • Kasperi Klaavu Artist + Lead, Niko Nieminen Coder

Controls: F to open doors, WASD to move.

Shushi King by TEAM SHUSHI KING:

  • Aaro Kasper Artist + Lead, Kasmir Karonen Coder, Mika Esselström Artist, Joosua Rissanen Artist, Kian Taruc Producer, Pekka Halonen Artist

Controls: Mouse press to cut food

Something Shimmering by Kristin Lainoja:


Something Shimmering is a short, story-based experience centered around grief, guilt, and loss.
You play as Dave, a soon to be divorced father of a child who won’t let him rest. As you make your way through his apartment, you learn more about what is going on in Dave’s life and what got him there to begin with. Small details reveal a bigger story, one that is sad and unsettling.

/If sound is glitching out when the game is started, please quit and restart the game.)


[Themes of suicide, depression, and death]
Please note that this game is meant to be taken seriously. It shows, implies, and displays themes of suicide and depression, as well as imagery that might disturb some players. No gore or realistic displays of violence are shown.
Games that heavily inspired Something shimmering from the basic premise to art-style:
    -The Static Speaks My Name
    -Presentable Liberty

Audio/Sound credits (A more detailed list is included in the ZIP file.):



Download 93 MB
Download 96 MB
Download 207 MB
Text_Contrast_Surface WIN 142 MB
Download 70 MB
Shushi King WIN 20 MB
It Grows WIN 753 MB

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